Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Pictorial Representation of just how my business is growing.

Here is my progress report for my Traffic Monsoon Business which is part of our Plan to Prosper program.

I bought 1 add pack on the 10th September 2015

Here is a brief record of just how it's growing.

By the 7th October we had grown to this.

16th October 2015 looking good, total earning up to $273.25

21st October 2015 and my total earnings are now $359.64

23rd October and my total earnings are now $388.67

25th October 2015 and my earnings have now risen to $458.80, pretty good.

Now to be fully transparent I have bought add packs to the value of $500, not all at once because I didn't have the money but over a period of about 40 days and using earnings to partially pay for them. 

I have now stopped buying add packs from my own money and use my earnings to buy another one every time I reach $50.

All I have to do is click 10 adds a day to be qualified for a share of the company revenue for the next 24 hours.

No one fails here folks! No one!

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