Friday, 30 October 2015

After a big day yesterday a big lie in this morning.

Jane and I went for a bit of a walk yesterday, part of  the Barnsley Boundary walk that we are doing in sections ranging from 7 to 4 miles.

We started this section at the hamlet of Victoria that is right on the boundary between the Metropolitan Boroughs of Barnsley and Kirklees and is of course the boundary of South ans West Yorkshire.

This was one of our shorter walks of about 5 miles and finished in the village of Ingbirchworth, another of these old medieval villages that are all around this area.


As you can see from the photos it wasn't one of the best days but we really enjoyed being out i the fresh Yorkshire air.

So after all the exertion yesterday we both had a bit of a lie in and it wasn't until after  9.00am that I was logging into my Traffic Monsoon account click my daily adds and check on earnings.

I was very pleased to see that I had enough cash in my account balance to purchase another add pack and that I had my second active referral.

Since yesterday my total earnings increased by $28.53, better than a kick in the teeth!

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