Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Today I Discovered A Great New Tool For Our Business

One of the things I like to do is take a look at what some of the leaders in our industry are doing to promote their businesses, and this morning I was doing just that. 

Michael Haggie one of our UK leaders had just put a link on Facebook to a free viral e-book designed to promote the businesses we are involved in. I took a look and then decided to set up the system and I am looking forward to promoting this. People always love a free download.

Take a look here:  this is a splash page that can be branded to ourselves and here is another especially designed to target folk who are already in Traffic Monsoon.  I'm afraid you'll have to click the link to see the page.

Just one of the splash pages we can use.

In our Traffic Monsoon business today we are just a few hours away from being able to purchase anther add pack as you can see below:

My earnings for the last 24 hours come to $27.41 which also includes a small commission. 

Please note. "Results Not Typical" this is proof of payment and is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.
"Contact me if you want to learn about my strategy for growing my business and income." For more info visit:  and don't forget No One Fails In Our Team! 

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