Friday, 4 December 2015

Let's See How We Did In November

I'm a bit late with this post but I feel it's important to review my Traffic Monsoon business for the month of November. I like to do this exercise on a regular basis for two reasons, the first is so I can keep track of my business and secondly to show potential referrals just how easy this business is.

So to kick off here is my screenshot of my Traffic Monsoon back office at the 1st of December.

As you can see I have 28 active sharing positions, these are fluctuating at the moment because I am also having positions mature once they reach $55. I am steadily making progress though and once I reach 30 active my active positions will grow faster than my maturing positions.

So let's take a look at my screenshot of the same back office for the 1st of November now:

Firstly although my active positions have only grown by 7 I have had 19 mature at $55. Just to look at the earnings from my sharing positions and you will see that these have risen from $559.89 on 1st November to $1344.43 on the 1st of December. An increase of  $787.54 over the month just from my add pack revenue share. No extra money was put into my account at this time, all I did was repurchase add packs with sharing positions every time my account balance reached $50. 

I increased my active referrals from 2 to 5 and my commissions from them increased from $18.80 to $88.30, so my thanks to those of you who saw the value in Traffic Monsoon.

Something to note here, I have actually referred 9 people to this business and they are not classed as active until they make a purchase but some other referrals are busy clicking on cash links and I also earn the same as them. As you can see from to top image I am now earning more from my referrals cash link clicks than my own.

Like anything in business it helps a lot if you have some cash to invest and Traffic Monsoon is no exception, the more ad packs we can buy to start then the faster our business will grow. With Traffic Monsoon though anyone can earn commissions, you don't have to pay anything to qualify, we all get the same commissions which means this can be started with no cash. All you need do is refer others and click on cash links, it will be a lot slower but some are doing just this.

"Results Not Typical" this is proof of payment and is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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