Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Not Having The Cash Is The Biggest Headache.

I spend a lot of time and effort recruiting people into Traffic Monsoon and one of the biggest problems most of them face is not having the cash to get started.

That was one of the reasons why we developed The Broke Persons Plan to Prosper, but even that requires some cash to get it moving. If only there was a way that folk with no cash at all could actually earn some money online!

Well I've taken at look at something today, not just a look I've done my due diligence and really looked into this company I've just joined.

It's called GETPAID.SOCIAL and I really believe in it so much I'm going to incorporate it as a feeder program into my Broke Persons Plan To Prosper.

It's free to join and use, there is an upgrade if you want to take it, but by no means is it obligatory.

So what does it do and how does it work?

Here's the email promo that sums it up pretty well:

And the best part is…

You don’t have to spend a dime to be part of this community!

Think about this for a second…

What if you got paid a few cents to even a few dollars for doing simple
online tasks like…

Joining an email list
Liking a Facebook fan page
Sharing a Facebook post
Liking a Facebook post
Visiting a website
Providing feedback about a website or a video
Providing feedback about a logo
Answering a few short questions

(Just to name a few)

Well now you can!

Our members are willing to pay you and other members of our community
for doing these simple little online tasks and it will cost you NOTHING to
join the community and get paid!

Here’s the best part…

Not only will you get paid when you complete these tasks, 
but you can ALSO get paid when OTHERS you invite into
the community complete these tasks AND if they create a task listing.

I think this concept is genius and I hope you take it seriously because
this is an incredible chance for ANYONE to make money, WITHOUT
having to recruit other people, sell a product or anything of the kind!

You can invite others if you want, to create a nice, passive income
for yourself and your family but it’s NOT required!

Right now, the community is in the pre-launch phase,
building the membership and gaining interest.

So go here right now:
Simply enter your email on that page to be kept in the loop
and receive updates from the company during pre-launch
as well as to be notified when the system is LIVE!

I’m so excited about this and hope you are too!

I intend to use this and any money I make will then go straight into Traffic Monsoon to grow my business to the level that will enable me to follow my dream.

Maybe, just maybe it could do the same for you.

All the best.

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