Sunday, 13 December 2015

Traffic Monsoon and a Re-Cap of My First 3 Months

The 9th of December was the anniversary of me joining Traffic Monsoon, although to be fair I didn't do anything with it for a whole day. It was the 10th of September before I actually took the plunge and spent $50 on buying my first add pack with revenue sharing position.

From that small beginning only a few weeks ago I am now earning well over $200 a week, and because I am not spending any of these profits and buying more ad packs every time my account balance reaches $50 this will continue to grow.

As you can see I now have 30 active sharing positions and as long as I click my 10 ads a day in Traffic Monsoon then I stay qualified for a share of the revenue for the next 24 hours.

There is no great skill required here folks, it's about as simple as a system could get!

"Results Not Typical" this is proof of payment and is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

"Contact me if you want to learn about my strategy for growing my business and income." For more info visit:  and don't forget 'No One Fails In Our Team'!

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