Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why I Have My Doubts About Get Paid Social

Just over a week ago I was introduced to a company called GetPaid.Social and it sounded quite good and looked like a great opportunity for people to be able to make money from doing things like sharing Facebook posts, liking posts and just viewing websites.

It looked so good that I had no hesitation in joining as a lifetime premium member.

Now OK the program hadn't yet launched so we waited for launch whilst a lot of promoters promoted like mad and earned some big commissions.

The power of the intro video was that good that a lot of folk upgraded and the company lorded this as proof they were doing something right.

What they were doing right was the video, that promised a lot, but in reality nothing was ready. The site needed updating, fine they probably didn't foresee the demand on their servers. But the biggest thing is everyone was promised a huge supply of tasks and free members were going to be limited to only 25 a day, Probably the reason so many folk upgraded!

The reality is we have very few tasks and the owner is now urging us to market these tasks in order to fill the site with tasks for completion. Not very satisfactory as we were led to believe that big clients were lining up for this service.

To be fair the owners are expecting the company to grow and all the bugs get sorted out and let's hope they do that and have a very successful company, then everyone benefits,

My problem is I've been around a while and seen all this before I was in a company called Virtual IT about three years ago and they had start up problems that just went on and on, promises were made and never kept until one day they closed and myself and the people I recruited into this company lost quite a bit of money.

Move on from that and another company called Auto Recruiting Platform, they kept promising for over a year that they were sorting out their technical difficulties until one day they suddenly closed the site and reopened in another name denying us access. That resulted in more than a thousand dollar loss for me and a loss for all the partners I recruited into the company.

So you see why, at this moment in time I won't promote GetPaid Social, because I don't want to be responsible for a lot of people losing money.

I hope they get their business sorted out, and I think they will, and when they do I will be more than happy to restart promotions. If not then I've lost a few dollars, that's life, but at least no one else will lose money because I recruited them!

What I am really happy to promote though is our Traffic Monsoon business because this is one hundred percent the real deal. Take a look at our funnel by clicking this link!  Be rest assured I will never recruit people just to make money, I want the folk I recruit to succeed and in a big way.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts.